The old king is dead. His heir, Prince Theodore is in desperate peril. Only a few remain loyal and support his claim to the throne. Saldor city is under siege and the hero’s must travel the land in search of support for the heir apparent. All is not what it seems in this once quiet and peaceful land. An old nemesis has once again returned, bringing the ravages of war to the quiet mountain hamlets and invading the rustic ancient forests of the highlands. Fear has crept across the open plains, swamping villages and consuming rural farmlands. Terror and hopelessness now fills the hearts of all who remain. Rumours are widespread that hulking beasts and dark riders, evil creatures long ago driven from the land, have now returned. All contact with the villages to the north is lost and there is an exodus of refugees on the southern roads. A glimmer of hope in the east. Lord William Tanner and a handful of daring and loyal men now scour the land in an effort to raise an army to ward off the impending doom. Will he gather enough men in time to save the Prince? Will he be able to find the reason behind this unexpected invasion? Will he be able to thwart the tyranny of evil? Your intervention could be our only hope. Join us now and help to rid Saldor of this invading doom.

This is an old school AD&D (1ST ED, 2ND ED) game. If you want to spend hours of endless fun pitting your mental sinew against a truly mind-blowing games environment filled with all of the horrors that exist in the Fiend Folio, and Monster Manuals; then sign up soldier.

Battle for Saldor